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Value Added Services

Clients have remained the core focus of our company since its inception over six decades ago. In today's marketplace where budgets are getting tighter and time lines shorter, our goal is to ensure that we continue to live with the values upon which we were founded. And to further this mission, we, as an organization offer services that add value to our client's businesses and lives.

This service is an outcome of our years of expertise and experience. We serve as the critical connect, the interface if you will, between your architect and your interior design team, specifically for the lighting category. Resolving conflicts, working across personalities from different walks of life is to a great extent a byproduct of being an Indian company. Our goal is to ensure that the right products are thought of and put up in a manner worthy of our standard. All of this has to be managed in a budget and time dictated by the customer, and achieving this is what makes us Kapoor Lamp Shades Co.!

Complete consultancy services for planning your lighting:

  • Light level analysis
  • Total application critique
  • Energy consumption analysis
  • Fixture and design proposals
  • Functional considerations
  • Budget based recommendations
  • Operational and maintenance

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