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Street Lighting

Street lighting is a very critical application since it is closely linked to public safety. When the stakes are life and death, ensuring that our roadways are properly lit goes beyond being just a business obligation - it becomes a moral obligation. Our experience in street lighting has positioned us as a leading supplier in the segment. From traditional high intensity discharge systems to the latest LED technology, we've done it all

Our product lines are well suited for the outdoor Indian environment where tough weather conditions, lack of maintenance and support are all but the norm.

Whether it be lighting up the roads and highways around major metros where electricity is readily available or in rural India where grid independent photo voltaic, systems are required - we have the products to light our extensive road networks.

From understanding energy regulation and light output for roadways to mounting height, fixture spacing and lamp life requirements - we have created solutions for very complicated applications in the street lighting segment of the business.

Our products allow us to serve customers from private builders to the National Highway Authority of India

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