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Facade Lighting

Ledartek, our partner for facade lighting has ushered in an era of revolutionary lightscaping in this category. Nothing comes close to their ability to paint with light, or what is known as light scaping.

Their executed projects included iconic landmarks of the day such as the Water Aquatics Centre for 2008 Beijing Olympics, the Meydan Race Course in Dubai, The World Trade Center in Doha, The Royal Al-Hamra Tower in Kuwait, The Expo Axis of the World Expo in Shanghai, Kunming Changshui International Airport and The Living World Mall in Jakarta, Indonesia and many more.

Using LED technology, proprietary software and intelligent feedback loop controllers, applications from the medium to the very large can be designed, and executed. They seamlessly integrate local culture into their lighting design for building facades and through us at Kapoor Lamp Shade Company, can now serve clients on a turn-key basis, from design to post completion in the Indian sub-continent.

Having won multiple awards from the Illumination Engineering Society, this new fa├žade light-scaping product line can differentiate your building amongst the concrete jungle. Raise value, prestige and allow your property to become a landmark within the community in the eyes of consumers and the trade alike.

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