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Retail Lighting

Our lighting systems offer retailers an unmatched assortment of products that take into consideration factors such as energy use, lumen output, multi- functionality, system maintenance, low inverter load and of course competitive pricing.

From track and cable systems that are perfect for shelf/wall merchandising to recessed fixtures that light up counters and aisles, we have perfect solutions for a wide variety of retail applications.

These solutions span over a broad array of budgets as well; from a very basic grocery store to high end jewelry boutiques and designer showrooms... our capabilities will create the perfect ambience for your customers, helping facilitate purchase decisions.

Working in tandem with your store design team, we also offer advanced switching capabilities that allow you greater flexibility and ease of use to operate your lighting systems.

Whether you want to light up certain areas of your store through scene control or control the optics such as dimming and beam coverage, our expertise will ensure that your lighting is perfect.

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