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Office Lighting

We want our clients’ offices to look great at low energy costs. Office lighting on an average represents a fourth of your electricity bill. It is imperative to use products that are responsible energy users.

When lighting offices and work environments, we focus strongly on the science of illumination and energy use. All our commercial lighting products carry appropriate certifications. They adhere to international standards for creating the correct lumen output with the optimal use of energy. In addition our lighting design service will create the perfect integration with natural light that your building can avail to reduce your energy bill further.

We follow guidelines set by the Illumination Engineering Society. We understand how much light is needed on the work plane. Too much light makes people feel fatigued; too little causes eye strain - both result in a loss of productivity. Hence it is critical to get the right amount of light in such applications.

Understanding correct color temperature and color rendering index for a working space is an integral part of service.

Several offices such as architectural firms, the healthcare sector, sporting arenas, the education sector are color critical in nature i.e. the light source used should have the ability to faithfully reproduce colors when compared with the reference illuminant.

At Kapoor Lamp Shade Company we understand, guide and interpret our clients’ requirements through a collaborative and educative approach.

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